I am a Sr. Engineer and Technical Lead of the Customer Experience (CX) Lab at T-Mobile. Current R&D includes optimization of telemetry collection, aggregation, visualization, monitoring, and anomaly detection platforms as well as modernizing CI/CD/CT infrastructure using open source software and modern DevOps design patterns. Since I joined the lab in 2015, I have also been driving new mobile LTE security research initiatives, prototyping new mobile and IoT product concepts, and developing synthetic user experience automation and analytic tools. I have a PhD in Computer Science and over a decade of industry experience spanning privacy, security, data science, embedded systems, and context‐aware domains.

Prior to joining T-Mobile, I worked on NSF sponsored research at Florida State University for over five years. I also taught courses in Kernel and Device Driver Programming, Object-oriented Programming in C++, and regularly lectured on various Android and Linux topics while at FSU.

I’ve been an avid Android user and developer since the first release of the G1, compiling and running my own Android firmware since the Cupcake source code release. I’ve worked on dozens of different Android applications, totaling over half a million downloads. I’ve also been a Linux user for over a decade now and a developer on multiple Linux desktop and embedded distributions for nearly that long as well.

I’m also an avid supporter of open source software, with over 50 of my own open source projects on Github. Mitchtech.net is my technical blog about my adventures in software development, physical computing, embedded devices, and electronics.